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World Marine Offshore and Ørsted join forces for the environment

We are very proud to announce that World Marine Offshore (WMO) have orders crew transfervessels from Umoe Mandal.Umo Mandal will be building two second generation Wavecraft ™ crew transfer vessels,plusentered into bareboat charter agreements for two similar vessels that are owned by the UmoeGroup.

About the Vessels

“Our Wavecraft vessels are unique as they are heave compensated and probably the mostefficient crew transfer vessels in the world. They can transfer personnel in wave heights up to 2.5metres and at 40-45 knots speed. To receive further orders from the companies who are mostfamiliar with this vessel type confirms their confidence in the vessels’ performance and quality,”says Tom Harald Svennevig, CEO of Umoe Mandal. The vessels will be delivered from UmoeMandal in 2023.

“WMO has had the pleasure to be operating these unique vessels on behalf of the Umoe Groupfor several years, and we have seen the unique performances these vessels offer to the offshorewind industry. Feedback from offshore wind farm owners has been excellent. We have workedtogether with Umoe Mandal for a long time to meet all requirements for East Coast Huboperation, and we are proud to see that WMO and Wavecraft Sprinter 28 is selected for thiscontract, said Hans Schneider, CEO of World Marine Offshore.

Air cushioned catamaran

All Wavecraft™ vessels are based on an air-cushion catamaran design, which guarantees rapidtransit time, excellent seakeeping and passenger comfort, superior fuel economy and reducedenvironmental footprint. They are built in composite sandwich materials that enablesup to 20-30percent lower fuel consumption than for example aluminium vessels, with associated reducedemission levels.

Further, Wavecraft™ crew transfer vessels are equipped with a unique boarding control system(BCS™) which eliminates wave motions and allows transfer of personnel to the offshore turbines inwaves up to 2.5mHs, allowing large operational window for offshore wind farm operators.

“The combination of 40-45 knots operating speed and our boarding control system means that wind farmoperators can get a substantially higher number of operating hours out of every offshore technician. Notonly do we cut the transit and infield sailing time by half versus traditional CTVs, but we also increase theoperating window significantly. With offshore wind farms moving further offshore, often in rougher seas,we believe the industry is ripe for a new generation of high-performance crew transfer vessels,” adds TomHarald Svennevig.

The Wavecraft™ vessels of the Sprinter 28 design is 27.5 metres long and 10.4metres wide.Itcarries up to 24 passengers, plus four crew.

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