Inertia PM5



World Marine Offshore Services in the Windfarm Industry

The vessel was built at Assens shipyard in Denmark, under the supervision of WMO newbuilding department. Several improvement suggestions from WMO crew were implemented, making the vessel best suitable for the passengers onboard and for the crew to live on. With the key focus of building a hybrid vessel for 24/7 operation, that set a new standard for CTV transfer performance, we believe we have been successful.

The vessel offers our clients the highest workability and number of days where you can work offshore, maximizing utilization and ensuring easier and more cost-effective project planning.

Inertia PM5 in a 3d clipped model view

Interceptors for enhanced pitch and
roll control as well as speed optimisation.

Hull Design

Trimaran hull shape to combine the fuel efficiency and
deck area of a catamaran with the soft motions of a monohull


Resiliently mounted superstructure for noise levels below 60dBa and open
passenger salon for full visibility for passengers, even when chairs are inclined


Optimises trim and brings the vessel into swath mode
in the wind farm to reduce motions and increase operabillity

Soft bow gangway

Reduces impact on approach allowing a solid land
-ing grip even at longitudinal motions of up to 1m


Completely separate fuel lines that can supply all drivelines individually with 3 identical
drivelines for optimum load sharing, redundancy and reduced maintenance costs

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