Windserver 25


World Marine Offshore Services in the Windfarm Industry

The first vessels even designed and built by WMO, were of this design. A batch of four vessels were ordered from Fjellstrand shipyard in Norway and they were all delivered between 2013-2014. The vessel design came to lift, starting with the idea of developing an active hydraulic damping fender system. From there the vessel was built around it and the SWATH Trimaran design was chosen, to combine the advantages from mono hull and catamaran hull designs.

All four vessels were designed and delivered as 12 pax vessels, as this was the industry standard. As some of the first operators, WMO later upgraded all to 24 pax vessels. This meant that they were not only the highest performing vessels of the day, but also cost-effective, being able to carry twice the passengers.

Today we have sent all of the WS25 vessels to Taiwan, where they are supporting the construction and O&M for the Taiwanese offshore wind market.

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