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Relationship Focus

Above all, we want to develop long-term relationships with our clients & partners. The key to success is Trust. Our clients require flexible solutions and services and trust World Marine Offshore to meet and exceed their expectations.


Through our experience & international network we always aim for the best solution. Our high speed, versatile CTVs have unique design and systems, leading our Innovation. Innovation brings a greener future.


We provide integrated solutions for crew transfer, offshore logistics and maritime management. Making life easier and more comfortable for our partners and clients. We guarantee Quality work with every single project.


All work is carried out in a Safe & environmentally friendly manner and with a positive attitude towards the task. We maintain high focus on protecting our environment which is seen on all levels in the company.


Turnkeys Logistics

We deliver full turnkey logistic solution and have a strong track record of successful projects, from planning to execution. Together with our clients, we map out project requirements and source all relevant assets. We take the lead on project management and coordinate with all stake holders in the project, leaving our clients with a single point of contact.

Balance of Plant

Using our fleet of vessels or third party vessels, we offer Balance of Plant solutions, which includes repair and maintenance of foundations, boatlandings and other offshore installations. We perform corrosion protection, painting jobs, electrical and mechanical maintenance, cable repair and maintenance.


Subsea Survey

Using the safe and stable platform of our vessels, we offer our clients a wide range of add-on survey solutions. We have a long track record of MBES surveys, using CTVs to offer a remote solution, not requiring surveyors onboard. Data can be collected and processed onshore. Other survey scanners can easily be mounted on the survey pole and in addition, we are able to launch, recover and operate ROV from the vessels.

Power and Fuel solutions

During Construction and O&M phase, we are providing temporary power solutions, directly from the vessel or with a flexible generator setup, which provides full flexibility to our clients. With the high capacities of

our vessels, we offer as a standard option, re-fueling operations. This is done through vessel internal tanks and hoses or through fuel container setup.

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